Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chapman Cordon Bleu

Ok, let's get something straight right from the start.  I suck at blogging...I suck at writing, and most likely I will not post another blog for months...ummmm years.  Anyway...

B and I are obsessed with cooking shows.  Our favorites are Top Chef and Masterchef.  We have decided to have Top Chef dates, optimistically, once a month.  We come up with a challege and then have a a week to plan and execute a meal.  We each eat from both meals and then pick a winner.  In that spirit I decided to see what it takes to make a poached egg in a whirlpool of gently boiling water. I had NO illusions about what would happen...broken yolk, egg white everywhere. So I was shocked when it worked!!


It was delish.  In fact Little e requested her own!

Happy Ice Day everybody!

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