Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chapman Cordon Bleu

Ok, let's get something straight right from the start.  I suck at blogging...I suck at writing, and most likely I will not post another blog for months...ummmm years.  Anyway...

B and I are obsessed with cooking shows.  Our favorites are Top Chef and Masterchef.  We have decided to have Top Chef dates, optimistically, once a month.  We come up with a challege and then have a a week to plan and execute a meal.  We each eat from both meals and then pick a winner.  In that spirit I decided to see what it takes to make a poached egg in a whirlpool of gently boiling water. I had NO illusions about what would happen...broken yolk, egg white everywhere. So I was shocked when it worked!!


It was delish.  In fact Little e requested her own!

Happy Ice Day everybody!

Monday, October 21, 2013

31 Days of Less and More--Day 3

Less bitterness, and more forgiveness.

That's a good one for me.  I have bitterness about a few things, things I cannot change.  I know the only way I will ever be able to be really happy is to let go of the bitterness.  Often I will find myself wishing that I could go out with friends at a moment's notice.  I watch (with envy) coworkers get together and have fun.  It almost feels like I'm being left out, and I am.  However, I am being left out because I always say I can't go.  With two little ones I can't go out at the last minute, and that has to be ok.  What I can get at the last minute is  a fabulous game of Chutes and Ladders with my oldest.  I also get smothered in kisses, like I did tonight from my youngest.  I get to have that, and that is awesome.  I have to let the bitterness go and look at what I been blessed with.  Since starting this challenge I have spent more time with my husband and children.  We have played games and gone to the pumpkin patch to make pumpkin men and find sleep gourds.  How can I let this time of creativity and imagination in my girls pass me by because I felt left out???  So, tonight I am going to spend time praying about letting the bitterness go, and letting the forgiveness come.
E's pumpkin man
The "sleeping gourd"

Sunday, October 20, 2013

31 Days of Less and More-Day 2

Well, today I was supposed to confront a fear and allow more courage into my life.  I didn't actually confront my fears yet, but I am cooking food that I would NEVER taste without this challenge.  Tomorrow night we start eating Mediterranean food.  To some, no biggie.  To me, I am a little nervous.  My taste buds are those of an 8 year old. 
I did do some purging today.  I cut my closet down to 40 hangers!  The girls are on their way to a simpler life.  I am purging toys too.  I love the idea of toys that foster creativity and imagination.  In fact, today the girls played Monsters, Inc.  They took turns being Sully and Mike.  They would scare each other and then fill the scare container, a thermos!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

31 Days of Less and More

After a VERY long break I am going to attempt to blog again.  This time I am blogging with a purpose,  I stumbled upon a fantastic blog by Ruth Soukup about simplifying her family's life.  I have struggled with all the "stuff" we have in our very small house.  I have been overwhelmed on an almost daily basis.  I am truly fed up with all of the stuff.  I feel like all I do when I get home from work is clean my house, and my family relationships are suffering.
I have a bit of baggage in my past, and my husband signed on for all of it.  I know that I have spent years using all the stuff in our lives to avoid dealing with this baggage.  Our jobs, our clutter, and our kids have been essential in this wonderful avoidance technique, but I am done with it...TODAY.
So, I am blogging again for public accountability and to just chronicle this journay so that sometime in the future I can look at what I have accomplished.

The following pictures are me admitting we have a problem...

                                                  Chaos...not good for me, not good for them!
                                                                       Clutter closet
                                                                  "Toy chest???"
                                                                         Frat House
More chaos

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Birth Day

Happy Birthday Edith Jane!!

She had the best day. Brett's and my whole family showed up and Miss Edith got LOTS of presents. We had a Curious George themed party and I made a monkey cake. Edith had fun eating the cake and decorating herself with frosting...and me!!!

Her Aunt Jane and Uncle Zan came over and gave her a beautiful winter coat!

Her Granny and Popo also came over for some fun! They got her some clothes and a really cute knit cap!

Edith had a lot of fun opening all of her presents.

She loves her rocking horse from Nana.

Edith had lots of fun with everyone! Including her favorite babysitter, Liza.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

November 2009

The beginning of November was tough. We had to put down our cat Werther. He LOVED Edith, and she loved him. Obviously, she did not understand everything that was going on, but we were sad that she will not remember her first favorite pet.

Edith talks ALL the time now!! She says:
baby "bay-buh", doG, woof, and bye-bye
She has also been separated from a friend at school because they would "talk" so much during nap time!

She accidentally ate her first piece of cheese pizza. She LOVED it, but she is lactose intolerant so the next few days were not so fun.

She is also walking around the living room by holding onto furniture. We got her a little walker, but she is more interested in pushing it around while she is on her knees.

Over the course of one week she went from having two bottom teeth to having SIX teeth, two on the bottom and FOUR on top!!! And she grows her teeth like a champ. We didn't even know she was getting the four on top until we felt them coming through!

She went to her second religious service, a beautiful naming ceremony for a friend's daughter. Edith was great she didn't cry and she was good for the whole service. She also got to wear a really pretty dress...

She received her first birthday present from her Aunt Shannon, and her first pair of big girl pjs from Mom and Dad. Here she is with both, her dog Scout and her monkey jammies!

Finally, we had the best Thanksgiving ever! Edith was super cute and tried a little of everything. She LOVED the bread and mashed potatoes, but was not a huge fan of turkey.

October 2009

October started out a bit sad. Daddy had to go out of town for work, but Edith and I had a lot of fun hanging out together. We had a few days off for the High Holidays. Edith went to her first synagogue service on Yom Kipper and everyone thought she was the cutest! She continues to eat well and drink lots of formula. She enjoyed her first apple this month too!

She crawls EVERYWHERE and we always have to keep an eye on her. She is also calling everything on four legs "daw". We keep adding the "g" sound to the end and then cheer when she says "daw" and points at the dog!
She is so cute and really yummy!
Since dog was her first word she was a dog for Halloween. And since she points at everything her father calls her a "Pointer".